Astute Solutions pride ourselves as an esteemed Education Services partner. We work closely with numerous top private and public education providers in Singapore, thus able to help the children regardless of age to get quality education. We specialize in various related services as follow:

  • Advising on education pathway in Singapore.
  • Advising and assisting on steps required to get into Singapore’s public schools.
  • Assisting on all documents required for application, to ensure successful Student Pass approval.
  • Assisting on valid passes required for accompanying mothers to their children studying in Singapore.
  • Assisting on all matters upon student’s arrival in Singapore, including accommodation, bank account opening, Immigration matters, health insurance and so on.
  • Summer and winter Study Tours to Singapore (extremely popular among clients!) including visits to Singapore’s top Universities (NUS, NTU, SMU).

As Singapore continues its path to become a global investment and financial hub attracting global industry talents to setup base here, we are experiencing increasing demand in acquiring residency status as well.

Astute Solutions partners with accredited providers to provide clients with a hassle free and managed process throughout the application cycle. Through professional managed portfolio and documentation processes, we aim to achieve the highest possible success rate.


Whether if it’s for your next home, or for turning it into an income property. From buying to selling; short or long term rentals. We work with partners locally to get you and your family the best possible deal.

Business Incorporation

Over the years, we have seen a steady increase in demand for clients to set up businesses in Singapore, be it starting new or opening branch offices. Singapore has definitely emerged as one of the best places to incorporate their businesses due to factors like an extremely stable political and economical climate, safe environment, favorable corporate practices, clear and transparent tax structure and so on.

For this part, Astute Solutions comes in as a valuable partner by offering the following services:

  • Advising and assisting on all steps required to set up a company in Singapore.
  • Provision of related services like prestigious business address, annual tax returns, accounting statements, nominated Director and so on.
  • Assisting in opening of corporate bank account and all related facilities.
  • Advising and assisting on ways to reduce tax liabilities.
Risk Management

Risk management is about control and having options. It is about who controls the directions with the options available when the unfortunate happens.

We in Astute Solutions has a deep rooted belief that no one should be or ought to be subjected to “no choice” situation when risk, whether big or small, arises as we progress in our life.

Risk involves, to name a few,

  • lost of financial support
  • losing the ability to generate income
  • incurring unexpected medical bills
  • the need for long term care
  • funding our desired retirement
  • etc

Consultants in Astute Solutions has gone through rigorous training to help clients to identify, ascertain and establish their Risk factors. After these are done, a well thought through Risk Management blueprint will be proposed and executed.

Our current clientele ranges from fresh graduates to establish businessmen and our reach is beyond Singapore.

Wills & Trust

What is certain about life is, one day we will pass on. However when will we pass on will never be certain. Having Estate Planning not only help individual plan for his current needs whilst alive, but also upon death.

Having a proper thought through process on estate plan will allow one to safeguard the essential financial base for their love ones. Quality estate planning can help to create a desired estate for loves ones immediately. It can also safeguard accumulated estate from creditors’ risk, allowing desired distribution of estate to love ones in the form of one lump sum, or periodically over a period of time to loved ones, depending on one assessment of his beneficiaries’ financial maturity.

Having an idea of the timeline when one is alive and upon one’s death is important. The process upon death, up until the distribution of the deceased’s estate will be explained in an estate settlement process.

Majority of deceased’s assets would be frozen, upon one’s immediate death. Those assets would only be available for distribution after the Court issues the Grant of Probate (with a Will) or Letter of Administration (Without a Will). When a Will is present, distribution of assets will be based on choice of the testator (person who writes the Will) or deceased. If Will is not present, then the distribution would be based accordance to the Intestate Succession Act of Singapore.

  • Providing for Retirement Expenses
  • Providing for Immediate Expenses
  • Preservation & Enhancement Of Estate
  • Desired Distribution Of Estate

Estate Planning Tools In Short

  • WILL is a legal document that instruct the distribution of the decreased.
  • Trust is a legal arrangement whereby the wealth set aside to be managed by a third party (Trustee) by instruction of the Trustor (person who set up the trust) to benefit the beneficiaries, and a Trustee-managed assets is a “Separate Entity” from the Estate/individual.
  • ADVANCED MEDICAL DIRECTIVE is a legal document that a person signs in advance, informing that he does not want any life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong his life, in the event that he becomes terminally ill, unconscious or when death is imminent.
  • LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY is a legal document which allows a person who is 21 years of age or older (‘donor’), to voluntarily appoint one or more persons (‘donee’), to act and make decisions on his behalf, as proxy or decision maker, in the event that he loses his mental capacity.
Medical Services

Singapore has always pride ourselves as one of the front runners in the region for excellent health care services. With an influx of overseas patients coming to Singapore seeking medical advices, we seek to provide an avenue to assist them in every way possible.

We provide health insurance planning and advice, as well as working with partners in assisting clients with medical checkups requirements.

Payment Services

With increase in cross border investments and transactions, effective management of fund transfers has become increasingly important.

We work closely with regulated and established industry service providers to provide cost effective solutions. This is to ensure the timely transfer of funds to support each an every required transaction of client.

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